The Content Marketing Institute claims, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Content Marketing effectively adds value with a combination of tools that may include blogs, vlogs, emails, videos, […]

Outbound marketing puts products and services in front of a potential customer. In fact, it pushes it forward with radio and TV ads, newspapers and magazines, and billboards and special events. We recognize the mainstream ads as often annoying and repetitious. It does not offer reasoned appeal, but plays on humor, animation, and sex appeal. […]

Graphic design for digital marketing is its own communication form. It is one value-added strategy that uses images to solve problems for your business and your customer. There is a learning trick at work here. As visuals engage viewers, they participate and exchange leaving with some new information or impression. Well-designed and relevant graphics convince […]

Developing a digital marketing strategy involves multiple facets, tactics, and tools. Creating a full and effective strategy requires help, the kind of help that brings focus to your confusion, paints a picture of execution meeting your goals, and integrates the many technologies available. Most B2B CEOs have never seen a model digital marketing strategy. They […]

Everything hot is found on social media. Social media channels provide exceptional opportunities for members to socialize. But, that same universal reach provides the hottest contemporary way to connect brand and customer. Messages on social media enjoy an extraordinary level of trust because the messages move among “friends.” The technology has the means to forward […]

Film remains a leading means to engage viewers. Used well to show products in action, demonstrate how-to processes, picture people involved in your service, or display a product inventory. Narratives appeal to people, and people relate to the people shown as users like themselves.

Apps give customers access to your sales. Native apps come with the mobile device or are downloaded from the device’s “store.” Web Apps are actually websites that are written in HTML5 and look like Native Apps. Hybrid Apps cross native and HTML5 infrastructures. You find hybrids in an app store like native apps, but browsers […]

Drones are suddenly everywhere, but they are not right for every business. Drones are fast becoming a requirement for businesses that look best from the air. Real Estate agents, wineries, developers, farmers, surveyors, and many more sell services that are best understood in motion. Film shot from drones show dimension, color, and visual context for […]