St. Louis Strategic Film Marketing

Film remains a leading means to engage viewers. Used well to show products in action, demonstrate how-to processes, picture people involved in your service, or display a product inventory. Narratives appeal to people, and people relate to the people shown as users like themselves.

  • Advertising/Commercials: Filmed commercials continue to provide effective advertising. But, what works on television may not work on other media platforms. A commercial with sweeping scope or lengthy narratives will not work on mobile devices. Polished, professionally produced, and high-end commercials may not enjoy the personal informality of social media behavior. Brand Anvil advises on good, better, and best choices for your B2B product or service.
  • Animated Film: Animation brings imagination to the screen. It can make the pitch in the words and movements of abstract characters, animals, or symbols. But, something in the vivid colors and actions engages readers, viewers, and shoppers. There is something simple and unpretentious about animation that allows the content to stand out. For example, animation may border on the cartoon-like, but where it builds an Infographic, it communicates strongly and lastingly.
  • Filmed Interview: Interviews with business owners, customers, and subject matter experts have proven very popular. Such interviews should have a natural almost amateur production value to strengthen the credibility of the participants. Precisely because they apparently lack high-end production values, these interviews engage viewers and hold their attention.