St. Louis Photography

There is a subtle difference between photography and digital imaging. And, the difference begins in the eye of the beholder. Photographs focus on the subject where it’s a person, place, or product. It relies on light and appears life-like. Viewers engage with the subject the photographer found compelling. The photographer can manipulate the image during development, but any change is meant to put the subject in the best light.

Digital imaging offers a technology that can reform, reorganize, and reshape a subject. It can “create” a reality different from the real world. Creative designers will create backgrounds, insert brands, and improve nature’s “failures.”

While photography conveys an element of authenticity, digital imaging is far more versatile. But, browsers do not search for images unless they are tagged or linked to text. You must select unique and relevant images with high pixel and high-resolution properties. Photos test best for customer interest when they include a person using the product or service. And, photos offer the chance to show a brand from every angle.

All content needs visuals. Strategically you must visualize your product in use. You must have a visual mental picture of the website’s appearance, the look of its landing page, and the story it wants to tell. Once positioned in your mind’s eye, you can select the images and the technology most appropriate for your marketing purpose.