St. Louis Email Blast

Email marketing is another form of direct marketing. Developing software allows you to “blast” your email pitch broadly and repeatedly. But, an email blast is nothing more than spam if it has no target market or relevant information.

Targeting segmentation may list prospects by age, gender, location, business size, or product interest. It requires an interesting and/or personalized subject line, and a clear call to action. For this, you must compile a “permitted” address list.

A permitted list is built from previous contacts. For example, you can build a list from the permission given you by subscription or following. Perhaps, you offered a free sample or give away in the past to gather such email addresses. Email blasts when recipients see them as a transaction offering discounts, coupons, first notice, or other incentives.

Securing such lists, keeping them white-hatted, and following up on them takes professional advice and support. Too time consuming and expert for most digital merchants, it’s the kind of trust you put in a professional service like that provided at Brand Anvil.