St. Louis Blogging

Blogging began and continues for some as a personal online journal with some theme or apparent subject matter. It may be serious in topic, comic in tone, or opinionated in intent. But, digital marketing seeks to sell and make money.

Using blogs as part of a digital marketing structure is a cheap way to lend credibility and professional depth to a website. It attracts browsers to its subject matter and may hold their attention for the time it takes to make a buying decision. It’s a quick and easy way for visitors to check on things of interest to them. And, it provides them with easy to copy, paste, and share with others or click through to purchase.

Quality blogs build follower a that bring visitors back to your content. Customers browse for tips, guidelines, and updates in blog titles. This, then, increases your site’s ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  And, because blogs provide opportunity for comments and feedback, they help you build conversational relationships with your market.