St. Louis App Development

Apps give customers access to your sales. Native apps come with the mobile device or are downloaded from the device’s “store.” Web Apps are actually websites that are written in HTML5 and look like Native Apps. Hybrid Apps cross native and HTML5 infrastructures. You find hybrids in an app store like native apps, but browsers also find their HTML. Hybrid apps have become very popular because they work across platforms. This reduces development investment.

  • iOS Apps: Apple created and own the iOS technology, exclusive to its hardware including iPhones. Apple ups its ante with annual updates. Its sophisticated engineering responds to touch, manipulation, swipes, taps, and more user interactivity.
  • Android Apps: Developed by Google as a quality response to Apple’s iOS, Android apps are more popular that iOS because there are millions more products outside Apple’s market. Android platforms are the core technology of Google products, but the technology also supports Samsung and T-Mobile phones, Kindle and Nook e-readers, Acer and Lenovo computers, and just about any product that is not Apple produced.

To optimize your market reach and increase your access to the internet universe, your B2B business must explore app development options. And, given the complexity and cost, you also need the assistance of a power like Brand Anvil.