St. Louis 360° Photography

360° Photos have been around for a while, but the technology is now as convenient as your smart phone. A 360° photo shows your product from any and every angle. Like virtual reality, the viewer can “move” into the picture. This is particularly effective with large and complex structures.

  • 360° Pictures require you to use a tripod to reach a specific height and eliminate jitters. Because the camera photographs everything within sight, you must plan movements and keep camera moving steadily and smoothly. Cameras are multiplying and competitively priced, but using them requires professional skill.
  • 360° Video Footage is a much more complicated matter requiring quality technology and more expensive cameras. Currently, the technology is beyond the ability of most users. Still, 360° videos will soon be the gold standard for digital marketing success. As technologies advance, customers will look for the production values involved. Brand Anvil is positioned to design, script, and execute the best in 360 °footage.