Writing copy for digital marketing differs from traditional copywriting. Digital marketing copy is a technique in writing specifically for marketing. It may take the form of blogs, articles, and white papers or as the script for videos and podcasts.

It is not a one-size-fits-all writing because each of the formats has its own rules. Of course, it requires excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But, it does not fulfill the composition rules of college writing or the 5-paragraph essay.

Good digital copy starts with a commanding headline that advances its ranking, engages the reader to open, and moves toward reading more. It offers something for the reader’s effort in terms of expert information, credible research, and brand comparison. This involves writing concisely in second person through short paragraphs of simple sentences. It reduces the use of adverbs, passive voice, and subjunctive mood.

Any piece needs a clear statement of subject matter, a plan to follow, and a conclusion that reiterates those promises. It favors bulleted lists and bold subheadings throughout. And, it strategically places keywords and phrases. The longer articles and white papers follow these SEO expectations more loosely.