B2B Web Hosting

Brand Anvil provides Virtual Private Server hosting for B2B clients. With other hosting companies, the clients pay for an SSL Certificate with other hosting companies, but we provide the service for free.

Effective October 2017, if your site has no SSL, Chrome will display a message that reads, “Your website is not secure” on any page with a form requiring completion. This also will happen if you browse in an “incognito” or “private window.”

Our servers come with complimentary DDOS protection, free backups, and free migrations. And, full root access is provided to assure your control. Servers are on an SSD Drive for best performance whereas regular shared hosting uses traditional mechanical drives.

Custom built RAID manages redundancy and enhances performance. Shared hosting is the cheap and less optimized hosting because you are on a server with tens of thousands of additional customers. This increase in vulnerabilities opens your likelihood of being hacked.  On our server, you are partitioned and, therefore, protected.

You will also be on a more powerful CPU with higher RAM which optimizes speed and performance.