Any digital marketing strategy must make market-meaningful use of the time people are

already spending on the internet. Animation can be the key to viewer engagement. Making animation informative and actionable is the challenge.

Quality animation holds attention on the landing pages people usually scan quickly. You can also link your animation with social media sites and paid advertising channels. And, animation will boost your SEO potential.

What we call “explainer animation” uses animation technology to create imagery, slideshows, and videos that appeal, engage, and motivate.

  • Silly to serious, cartoon animation appeals to the inner child in everyone. It’s comforting and nostalgic. It makes the explanation fun and simple.
  • At all levels, education works better when the educator synthesizes complex ideas into vivid visual experience. Marketers, experienced in using charts, displays, and demonstrations, see the added-value in animating text. The synthesis multiplies the content copy experience.
  • Animation follows a narrative. It’s a mini-story that viewers retain. It bears repeating because animated stories are easily and vividly remembered.
  • Talent can make animation reflect the audience it targets. Using people who look and act like the target audience, it builds the trust and credibility that converts to sales.

Using animation to your marketing advantage requires answers to some questions. You must decide on the style that fits best with you brand. You must budget the cost, timeline, and ROI. You must decide on location and message. And, you need direction from a consulting provider like Brand Anvil.

  • E-learning: Animation teaches best when used sparingly and correctly. The trick to using animation in eLearning is knowing that sometimes less is more. It can be a best way to convey a difficult concept or make boring one interesting.
  • Marketing: An animated cartoon or video will demonstrate your product or service in action. Animation brings life to benefits and features, especially when these are complicated or intangible.
  • About Us: Your Meet the Team page offers the opportunity to establish and strengthen authority, credibility, and transparency for your brand. Using animation that lets your team members speak to their values, explain how their role aligns with corporate goals, and allows them to speak to the brand’s value.
  • Nonprofits: Marketing nonprofit fundraisers and membership drives presents unique problems. Without a tangible product or service, they are marketing ideas. But, since everyone likes stories, animation is a cost-effective way to go.
  • Project Spotlight: A website’s Project Spotlight page catalogs current exciting activities, usually coverage of projects underway in product use or service operation. Adding animation adds value to the display.
  • Whiteboard Animation: In a whiteboard animation, an animated illustrator sketches the story as it is narrated. The viewers see a hand and pencil moving across the screen drawing figures, printing text, and producing a psychologically engaging learning experience. A sophisticate process makes the explanation simple and memorable.