Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assures that Google will notice your keyword use and the product/service that you sell. Because Google regularly refines its mechanics, it takes work to build your credibility and authority with quality content.

  • SEO describes your efforts to be found. That means you use relevant and substantive words and phrases. As Google sees it, your ranking high among searches complements their purpose of presenting quality and authoritative content.
  • SEO uses algorithms to rank websites. Search engines use “spiders” and “bots” to explore and bring back sites that their analytics that identify them as needed and worthy. Those sites stack up in a directory or index, and when Google searches, it checks this index. It is important, then, to place keywords and phrases in titles, subheadings, and strategically throughout the content because that’s what they are searching.
  • The business objective is to profit from the website’s placement on a search engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on search and list sites that appear to fit the visitor’s browsing request. Because people do not like to plow through many pages of sites, you want your B2B to appear on the first page and high on that page, at that.
  • SEO maximizes your sales position. It’s like building your restaurant in the best location. It takes strategy, tactics, and tools. It takes creative and technical input to produce an effective architecture. A B2B owner can make SEO happen, but it takes some education and commitment in time and focus because it must grow and change with search engine expectations.