Our Purpose

At Brand Anvil (St. Louis, MO), we have the firsthand experience, a successful history in Business-to-Business Development and Sales. We offer all it takes to successfully connect that experience with your marketing needs. We help you identify the metrics that drive success instead of throwing money at your marketing strategy and hoping for the best.

In our experience, “Digital marketing” typically refers to the marketing of product or services using digital technologies to reach and optimize the market. An effective strategy integrates marketing tactics to promote brands through the several digital marketing channels, including smartphones, tablets, social media, search engine sales, and more.

Digital marketing, however, works differently than traditional marketing efforts. It has access to much more complex information about customers. It capitalizes on exhaustive descriptive, fluid, and dynamic analytics on prospect and customer behaviors. And, it uses predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and direct marketing to meet those targets at the best time in the purchasing cycle. So, digital marketing typically has a slower ROI. Like a train, it is slow to get started but powerful once it’s working.  

  • Without clear strategic goals for digital reach, the organization lacks direction and the metrics to chart achievement.
  • Online customer relationships do not behave the same as other marketing channels. Without a strategy, you simply do not know your customers well.
  • Existing competitors will beat your market share if you have no means to measure and no clear unique sales proposition.
  • A forceful digital marketing strategy integrates digital paths with other marketing efforts, maximizing analytics, optimizing social media, and improving website user experience.
  • Where budgets rule, a digital marketing strategy reduces waste and duplication.

Now, marketing has always presented B2B enterprises at their best and most desirable. It has been a display, a showcase, and a personality. Businesses used billboards, newspaper ads, television and radio commercials, and circulars to put their information in front of people.

But, the arrival of digital systems allows them to pull prospects in engaging ways that lead to closed sales. At its best, digital marketing is seamless, fast, and cost effective.  It delivers images and copy in real time, converts with a click, and reduces staff, expenditures, and third-parties. Digital marketing has a more organic approach to attracting customers and less “advertising feel.”  You are creating a way for them to find and approach your b2B instead of traditional outbound methods that seem a bit more intrusive.

The purpose here is to provide everything you need to know about digital marketing, the need for strategy, and the tools to form and implement an approach that will help you increase your ranking on search engines. Such a strategy will improve and optimize your website. And, it helps you spot the partner best able to appreciate your brand, focus, and direction.